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    How should I utilize the forum?

    Rune Backman

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    The Tekla Discussion Forum has a lot of informative content, which you can use in case you run into a problem or just want to ask the community for tips, tricks and best practices. Besides this, you can of course network with your peers and gain reputation as a Tekla expert by helping others in the community.

    How to get started?

    1. Search for content

      Search for questions and answers or general discussions about the topic you are interested in.
      Try to narrow down the search results to only the relevant topics or for learning the terminology and finding out keywords used before.
    2. Ask a new question or start a new discussion

      Be active and ask a new question or start a new discussion in the forum which best fits your question. Provide information about which product, version and service pack you use. Sometimes it also helps if you say which environment or configuration you use.

      Use image attachments or videos to describe the problem you are trying to solve.

      Our user community is very active and odds are good that someone has wrestled with the same kind of problem in the past and can give good advice on how to resolve your problem. The moderator team and local support teams are also answering questions on the forum.
    3. Mark the question as solved

      When you have received an answer and your issue is resolved, mark the correct reply which helped you out to be the best answer to the question. This automatically marks the whole topic as solved and it will help others who have a similar question in the future.

    Other support resources

    If you cannot find a solution to what you are looking for at the forum, please check the documentation in the Tekla User Assistance service.

    If your question is urgent, contact your local support team by submitting this support request form.


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